Animal Friend Activity Badge 


  • Know how to care for an animal, fish or insect.
  • Know about the correct food to feed the animal, including type, variety and quantity.
  • Know about the habitat of the animal, such as where it sleeps etc.
  • Know how to exercise the animal.
  • Keep a record of the food given to the animal and what you do with the animal for a period of two weeks.


Animal Friend Activity Badge Itinerary at Dartmoor Zoo

10:00 – Arrival, Introduction to the Zoo

10:30 – Zoo tour with focus on animal care

11:30 – Animal diet talk

12:00 – Diet trail around the Zoo

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Close Encounters afternoon with emphasis on habitats health checks, enrichment and handling

15:00 – End of day


This itinerary is an example of the sessions we provide, feel free to choose another activity from the list to put into the itinerary for your day.


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