• Research Animals and nature – what impacts do we, as humans have on nature and what positive things can you do to tackle this?
  • Visit a museum, science centre, zoo, botanical garden, science festival, aquarium or nature reserve, or attend a university/school extra-curricular day.
  • Ask a scientist, engineer or medical professional to talk to you about their work.
  • Find out more about two famous scientists.


Science Badge Itinerary at Dartmoor Zoo

10:00 – Arrival, Introduction to the Zoo

10:30 – Zoo tour

11:30 – Group discussion on human impacts on the natural world. Group activity on scenario cards – how to combat issues

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Presentation about careers in Zoos, learn about 2 famous scientists – Darwin/Jane Goodall

14:30 – Close Encounters with a focus on evolution/adaptations

15:00 – End of day


This itinerary is an example of the sessions we provide, feel free to choose another activity from the list to put into the itinerary for your day.


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