Downloadable Resources


Below is a downloadable teacher pack with all the information you will need for your trip to Dartmoor Zoo.

Teacher information pack.pdf


Also below are some pre and post visit activity packs that can be used and adapted to support the sessions you have booked at the zoo. 

Teachers workbook Camouflage.pdf

Teachers workbook Classification.pdf

Teachers workbook Habitats.pdf

Teachers workbook Evolution & Adaptations KS1&KS2.pdf

 Teachers workbook Animal Appetites.pdf


Keep children entertained on your tour around Dartmoor Zoo with these free downloadable resources for teachers and parents.

Explore our African animals with our Desert Dwellers worksheet -

Desert Dwellers.pdf

Take a look at Rainforest habitats with our Life in the Canopy trail -

Life in the Canopy.pdf

Adventure after dark with the Twilight Zone worksheet -

Twilight Zone.pdf


School group risk assessment:

School Groups Risk Assessment.doc