EYFS Workshops

Dartmoor Zoo offers a wide range of workshops and sessions designed to introduce children to (and inspire them about!) animal welfare, conservation and biodiversity from a young age. With a large selection of exotic and native species both on-site and available on Outreach, there is plenty of opportunity for them to learn in a fun and engaging way.

With the help of our close encounters collection, DZP Education provides an introduction to animal handling and care. We offer a variety of interactive workshops and our themes include:

•What Am I?

•Where am I found?

•How do I move?

•Critter Crafts


Animals in these sessions (both on-site and on Outreach) can vary depending on feed cycles and your distance from the zoo, but may include:

Blue-Tongue Skink, Corn Snake, Milk Snake, Crested Gecko, Hognose Snake, Leaf Insects, Stick Insects, Tarantula, Orange Headed Cockroaches and Giant African Land Snails.

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