Celebrate our Birthday! 

Every year we're elated to celebrate our birthday, thanks to our members, sponsors and general public, all of whom make our continued growth possible. 

Having re-opened to the public in 2007, each year is a blessing to be celebrated. As such we are pleased to arrange special events throughout the day! We'd love for you to join us! 

WBAZ day poster

Exclusive Tours

Ever wondered where the We Bought a Zoo story originated from and where it was written? Here's where you'll find out! Our fantastic team will take the general public to the key areas included within the true story behind We Bought a Zoo. Find out where Benjamin Mee first heard from 21st Century Fox when they expressed their interest in making the film! 

Book Signing

Hosted within the Jaguar Restaurant meet the Author of We Bought a Zoo and owner of Dartmoor Zoo, Benjamin Mee! Get your copy of We Bought a Zoo signed (If you don't already have one, they'll be available in the gift shop!), ask those questions you've been clinging on to and even have a photo together! 

Close Encounters 

Everyday we host two Close Encounters sessions allowing public to get up close and personal with some of the smaller animals in our collection from corn snakes to sugar gliders and cockroaches to tarantulas! Milo Mee, son of Benjamin, will be joining us for our 15:00 session. Our 15:00 session specialises in our nocturnal collection where our team will be delighted to show public round and provide some great facts! 


We're running an EXTRA SPECIAL competition for 5 incredibly lucky children to be the first young ambassadors for our Junior Board of Directors! Children must complete and submit our exclusive enterprise challenge downloadable here. Successful candidates will be announced by the 21-July.
As part of the Junior Board of Directors the children will assist DZP with ensuring that child orientated activities and events are exactly what children want! With quarterly meetings taking place DZP will prepare projects to focus on for each meeting and gain the children's feedback and ideas.

In return for participating each of the children will receive family admission for the year*, a certificate of participation, their photo's on the wall in the Jaguar Restaurant displaying the Junior Board and fantastic animal notebook with a matching pen to record all their great ideas!