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Looking for something to do for that special occasion? Something a little different yet still suitable for all the family? You're in the right place!

Our families days have been constructed to be immersive and educational, yet most of all good family fun! Going back to basics with a fantastic range of activities as well as the option to add more, the whole family will be entertained throughout the day.

Take a look at what you could be doing!

• 10:30 - Arrival - Guests are advised to congregate at the admissions kiosk & head up into the restaurant when the entire party is present. On arrival guests will have tea, coffee & squash to quench their thirst for a busy day! 

• 11:00 - Biodiversity Session - This session will give our guests the opportunity to learn more about the animals they can find in their own back garden or local parks and encourage them to assist the population by creating their very own bug hotel! Clients will be asked to bring along at least one two litre plastic bottle and the rest of the resources will be foraged from around the zoo creating a naturally thriving environment for our little friends.

• 12:00 - Lunch Time! - Each with an individual packed lunch to ensure that everyone gets their fill we'll make our way to the picnic area to enjoy the natural surroundings with enough space for the children to burn some energy after re-fuelling!

• 13:00 - Zoo Tour - Our dedicated event hosts will lead the party around the zoo, unveiling oodles of information about our animals both in captivity and in the wild and challenging their knowledge of the species that inhabit the earth alongside us.

• 14:30 - Watch the Big Cat Feed - As the end of the tour draws near, what better way to conclude the experience than to witness some of the world’s largest felines get their dinner?!

• 15:00 - Private Close Encounters -  Time to get up close and personal with some of the smaller and scalier animals within the collection, leaving fears at the door and meeting animals guests may never have otherwise known..

• 15:30 - Gift Shop and Goodbyes - Just before guests leave we've squeezed in a quick trip to the gift shop to get that perfect souvenir to mark the occasion.

• 16:00 - Departure OR Free Time - The day has drawn to an end and it is time for the host to get some well earned rest. Guests are invited to explore the park on their own or depart as they wish.

Want to add on that little something extra? A surprise perhaps? Contact us today!


We're sure you'll have an amazing day that everyone will remember forever. But don't just take our word for it! Here's just a few of the many thank you letters from recent family days at Dartmoor Zoo:

"I would like to express my thanks to you and all the staff at Dartmoor Zoo for providing such a successful day for our families of deployed personnel. A quote from one of the husbands serving away explains how his children felt about the day: 'I was fortunate enough to speak to Donna, Oliver and Joshua yesterday and they couldn't wait to tell me what an absolutely fantastic time they had at Dartmoor Zoo. My children were beside themselves explaining to me (as well as two 4 year olds can) how much they had done especially the special prizes that were bought for them from the shop before they left.' The day was a huge success and your hard work was appreciated by all."

Commander Steven Spencer - Commanding Officer, MDHU Derriford


"I just wanted to thank you for the great event that you staged for us on Saturday.

Everyone involved had a great time, the buffet was lovely and your staff were all excellent.  I hope that your staff enjoyed the day also. Many thanks once again,"

Simon Peacock - Member Co-ordinator Foresters


Should your group have any special needs, just let us know! If you would like more info and an idea of price, please call 01752 837645 or email