Team Building

If you've been tasked with finding a fun and interesting team building day for your company or organisation, then look no further!

Our Enterprise Challenge is unique, challenging and lots of fun, pitting teams of up to six people against each other in a tough, real-world task to select a new species to add to the DZP collection, design the enclosure and present their plan to senior zoo staff.

Your teams will have to work together tackling all the real life struggles that we face at DZP in our mission to help conserve endangered species and maintain an exciting collection that will engage and thrill the general public.

We will provide you with all of the background information and resources, then it's down to you!

At the end of the challenge, each team will present their design and strategy to a panel of DZP senior staff, Dragon's Den style.


In addition to the Enterprise Challenge we have plenty to keep everyone occupied and entertained all day. A typical day might look like this:
  • 10:00am - Welcome Briefing - Teas, coffees, soft drinks and biscuits
  • 10:30am - Start the challenge - In teams of 6, pick the new species to add to our collection
  • 11:30am - Tour the zoo - Pick the site for your new enclosure
  • 12:00am - Get your thinking caps on - Design your enclosure and see how much money you need to spend
  • 12:30pm - Break for a private BBQ - A range of locally sourced, delicious food and drinks
  •   1:30pm - Prepare your case - Get ready to present your ideas to a judging panel of senior zoo staff 
  •   2:00pm - Make your presentation - Your chance to impress those who know best
  •   2:30pm - Take a break for the big cat feed - See our biggest and most dangerous residents get their lunch
  •   2:45pm - Falconry Display - Be amazed by our fantastic bird of prey show
  •   3:15pm - Enterprise Challenge results! - Find out which team takes the prize
  •   3:30pm - Close Encounters - Get up close and personal with our creepy crawlies and reptiles
  •   4:30pm - Meerkat Feed - see these popular DZP residents get their afternoon feed
  •   5:00pm - Finish

We're confident that we can meet any specific needs you may have - just let us know! For more information, email call 01752 837645.