Animal Sponsorship

Exclusive corporate sponsorship of an animal is one of the best ways to support the zoo, help conserve a species, and reward your business at the same time. Your sponsorship is a great way to say you care about wildlife, and show the Zoo’s visitors that you do too.

Your sponsorship will help cover the daily care for the animal, including food, enrichment, treatments, as well as significant support with vet bills, enclosure maintenance and conservation.

There are three levels of Animal Sponsorship to choose from:

Tundra - £800 + VAT for 1 year

Animals in Tundra include the unusually named Capybara and the incredibly friendly Mr Pickles!

Savanna - £2000 + VAT for 1 year

Animals in Savanna include the super cute Meerkat family, and Chana and Rofilho the tummy rub loving Tapir!

Rainforest £4000 + VAT for 1 year

Animals in Rainforest include Josie and Jasiri, the royal couple of DZP, and Chincha the playful French Jaguar!

For a full list of animals please see below.

Package Details


Mr Pickles the Fallow Deer -

Kindly sponsored by My Claim Solved

Pete the Ostrich Great Grey Owl
Fajita the Capybara Dorothy the Ostrich Temminicks Tragopan - Jim and Daisy
Burrito the Capybara Tuula the Reindeer Barn Owl
Chimichanga the Capybara Comet the Reindeer Burrowing Owls
Salsa the Capybara Wallaby Group Golden Pheasant
Sangria the Capybara                    White Cheeked Turacos - Andi and Spike Mandarin Duck
Enchilada the Capybara Blue and gold Macaw - Buzz and Loulou Himalayan Monal Pheasant
The herd of Lechwe Cybil the White-Naped Crane Bramble the Fox
The Rhea flock Great Horned Owl  


Chana the Tapir Kiki the Vervet Monkey                                            Jonsi the Otter                                                  
Rofilho the Tapir Paolo the Marmoset Julio the Coati

Meerkat family headed up by Xena and Timon

Cuiaba the Marmoset Junio the Coati
Jay the Vervet Monkey Atti the Otter Fonzo the Coati

Public engagement and education collection



Vlad the Tiger - Kindly sponsored by Devon Fit Camp

Josie the Lion                                                                      Carlos the Iberian Wolf                                               
Raul the Iberian Wolf Sita the Cheetah Hayley the European Brown Bear
Chincha the Jaguar Gregorio the Iberian Wolf Fudge the Syrian Brown Bear
Jasiri the Lion    

To sponsor one of our animals or to discuss further, please call 01752 837 645 or email

We look forward to hearing from you.