Leave a gift in your will

We are pleased to be able to offer our supporters free Wills through our local partners Portcullis Legals.

You can contact the friendly team at Portcullis by visiting their website, emailing them on enquiries@portcullislegals.co.uk or calling them on 01752 401 401. For more information there is a video about the team at Portcullis at the bottom of this page.


Dartmoor Zoo is committed to the conservation of animals and their habitats and to educating visitors about the threats that exist to their lives and to the natural environment. We strive to prevent extinction of endangered species with conservation projects both in the UK and overseas, and we are involved in co-ordinated breeding programmes. Our incredible research team also aims to change the way that people understand animal intelligence and have huge consequence for animal rights and welfare.

As a charity we rely on the generosity of people to support our crucial work, and leaving a gift in your Will is a wonderful way to help. By doing so you’ll be making a massive difference. We are extremely grateful for gifts of any size, any and all will enable us to continue our vital conservation efforts and look after all the animals who call the Zoo home.


A massive thank you

If you would like to leave a gift in your Will for Dartmoor Zoo then thank you so much!


Extra info

Charity number: 1158422

Charity name: Dartmoor Zoological Society


How to leave a gift in your Will

If you already have a Will then you have the option to write a new one with the assistance of your professional advisor. By leaving the gift ‘for general purposes’ we’ll be able to use your generosity where it is most needed at the time, such as for medical treatments (photo is of Taz the Tiger having an operation). If you would prefer to leave your gift to a particular area of the society of for use for a particular animal project, we would be grateful if you would use the words ‘but without imposing a binding obligation’ within your Will as this protects us against future problems, in the event that we have completed the project for example we would still be able to make great use of your gift.

Rather than writing a new Will you could create a Codicil which is used to make simple changes to a Will that has already been written. It is relatively simple but we would advise that you speak to a professional advisor as there can be problems in the future if you wish to cancel your Will as the Codicil does not automatically get cancelled. In order to avoid this ensure that your Will is clear that it revokes all previous Wills and Codicils.

You can download a Codicil Form here.

Here are some Guidelines to Codicil Forms and finding a Professional Advisor.

You can visit the Remember A Charity website to find out more about how to leave a gift to charity when making a Will: http://www.rememberacharity.org.uk/making-a-will/  


Why not give our Friends at local firm Portcullis Legals a call to chat through your requirements on 01752 401 401. Just mention Dartmoor Zoo for a free Will writing service with the friendly team.


How your gift will help

Here are some examples of how your gift can help!

£11.50 will feed the Tigers for a week.

£46 will feed the Tigers for 1 month!

£150 pays for 1 regular bi-monthly Vet visit to give our animals a check up.

£825 would go towards an unexpected cost, such as when Syrian Bear Fudge, now the oldest bear in the world, needed a ramp so she could get in and out of her moat!

£950 will keep the Meerkats' house heated for 1 year. 

£2000 would ensure that we could pay for a major vet intervention for one of the large animals.

£6564 would care for Josie the lioness for 1 year!

Legacies are crucial in supporting us with our vital conservation work and in caring for the incredible animals that call Dartmoor Zoo home.

Donations help us pay for costs including: food, medical expenses, providing enrichment, maintaining and improving enclosures, as well unexpected costs such as our recent build of a ramp to help our Syrian Bear Fudge, now the oldest bear in the world, get in and out of her moat!

By pledging a legacy you are enabling our vital conservation, education, and research work to go on. We aim to make a difference, and with your support, we can.

Here's a video about Portcullis Legals.