Exciting news for home educators!

On the last Thursday of each month Dartmoor Zoo will open its doors to home education families at the special reduced entry rate of £6.25 per child and £8.50 per adult.

Not only will families will have the chance to visit the zoo and get up close to our animals but they will also have the opportunity to attend our special educational workshops for only £1 extra per child.

Each month we will put on a workshop that links directly with the Primary National Curriculum.


Sessions commence at 10.30 am:

Session 1 (26.1.17): Tour of the zoo looking specifically at species from around the world.

Session 2 (23.2.17): Habitats.

Session 3 (30.3.17): Classification – Vertebrates.

Session 4 (27.4.17): Enterprise challenge (STEM lesson) – this session will have an additional charge of £3 as it will run all day.

Session 5 (25.5.17): Adaptations.

Session 6 (29.6.17): Conservation.

Session 7 (27.7.17): Animal Appetites

Session 8 (31.8.17): Life Processes

Session 9 (28.9.17): Evolution and Inheritance

Session 10 (26.10.17):  Career talk

Session 11 (30.11.17):  Food chains

Session 12 (14.12.17 - note earlier date due to Christmas): Christmas and animal enrichment making.

If you are interested in booking on to one or all of these sessions please email: education@dartmoorzoo.co.uk.


Please note: Families will need to show proof that they are a home education family to receive the discount.

Why not look into buying family membership and get free entry all year round!