Membership Terms and Conditions


1. For the purposes of Membership a Child is any person between the ages of 4 and 15yrs. Adults are persons of 16yrs and over.
2. Memberships may be purchased at any time and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and are non-refundable.
3. Membership cards will be prepared and sent within seven days of the date of purchase.
4. Multiple Membership purchases must be for the same type (Standard Membership or Premium Membership). Membership types cannot be combined.
5. Once purchased, the type of membership cannot be changed at a later date.
6. Child Memberships may only be purchased in relation to a new or existing Adult or Family Membership of the same type.
7. Child Memberships are only valid when used in combination with an Adult or Family Membership of the same type.
8. For concession memberships (OAP, Student, Disabled) proof of concession is required.
9. No entry can be allowed without a valid Membership card.
10. Entry is subject to availability and normal opening hours.
11. Unless otherwise stated, Membership is not valid for entry to ticketed events.
12. Children aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult at Dartmoor Zoo at all times.
13. Membership may not be used to qualify as a paid admission in respect of any discounted admission offer.
14. Membership is not valid for organised school or other group visits.
15. When purchasing Membership as a gift you must supply the contact details of the person for whom the Membership is intended at the time of purchase.
16. Gift Aid declarations are only valid with Standard Membership applications. Dartmoor Zoological Society will not make any Gift Aid claims in relation to Premium Memberships.

Standard Membership:

17. Standard Membership provides free admission to Dartmoor Zoo only. No other benefits apply.
18. When Standard Membership is purchased as a gift, Gift Aid may only apply if the recipient is a member of your own family.

Premium Membership:

19. Benefits available via Premium Membership may change without notice.
20. Any benefits/discounts obtained through Premium Membership cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
21. The Friends & Family admission discounts available to Premium Members apply to full price admissions for guests and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
22. Details of benefits and discounts relating to Members’ Days will be published in advance via email, our web site and social media.
23. Premium Members may obtain discounted entry to selected attractions as part of a reciprocal agreement with Dartmoor Zoo. The list of participating attractions may change without notice. Premium Members are advised to contact individual attractions to confirm their participation, terms & conditions and applicable discounts, prior to visiting.
24. The complementary ticket for two adult admissions is not available on purchases of individual Adult or individual Child Premium Memberships.
25. Complementary tickets for two adult admissions are non-transferable and may only be redeemed in one transaction by Premium Members on behalf of their guests at the time of visiting.
26. If lost, complementary tickets cannot be replaced.
27. Discounts on kids’ parties only apply if the child is a Premium Member.
28. Discounts on gift shop purchases only apply to transactions in excess of £5
29. Members joining on the day of a visit may have the admission fees paid for those named on the application form on that day deducted from the total due. Vouchers and other discounts are excluded. The entrance receipt must be attached.