Introducing Rofilho, DZPs newest baby tapir

Wednesday 15th April 2015 at 4:15pm by Rachel Franklin

We are incredibly proud to be introducing Rofilho, DZPs newest resident Brazilian Tapir!

He was born to mum Chana on Easter Monday, and mother and baby are doing extremely well.

Chana is a wonderful mother, and Rofilho is her third son. He was so named to honour his father, Roger, who very sadly passed away a year ago. In Portuguese, 'filho' means son, and preceded by 'Ro', his name means 'Roger's son'.

It is wonderful news for the DZP family following Roger's passing, and Rofilho is a fantastic surprise legacy, as the gestation period for tapir is 13 months! And it's very hard to tell if a Tapir is pregnant up until the last month or so, when she starts producing milk.

Curator Colin Northcott filmed the moments after the birth, and here you can see a video of mum Chana cleaning him, and of Rofilho's first couple of steps! Welcome to the world Rofilho!

Here Zoo Director Benjamin Mee meets Chana and Rofilho for the first time!