Lion introduction goes smoothly

Tuesday 31st May 2016 at 4:03pm by Rachel Franklin

We are thrilled to announce that after months of careful planning and hard work from all our Keepers and Maintenance Team, that Jasiri and Josie have finally been introduced, and are now sharing Josie's enclosure.

Jasiri had been living in the enclosure next to Jasiri as part of a phased introduction. To begin with the area in between the two enclosures was left very overgrown so as to shield them from each other and allow them to get used to the fact that there was another lion in the vicinity. The next phase was to cut this down so that there was a clear line of sight and allow them to actually see each other. At first Josie was a bit shy, but she steadily got used to him and after a while could regularly be seen at the closest point to his enclosure.

After some time to get used to each other had passed, work on the interconnecting area was started. Once complete Josie and Jasiri took turns going in so as to get direct access to the areas to each others smells with only one mesh barrier in between. Many keepers stood on standby at all time to gauge their reactions to each other and react in case there were signs of trouble.

Thankfully all the signs were all good and when Jasiri was finally given access to Josie's enclosure he settled in straight away! Our fears of a rejection or scuffle and all our precautions thankfully not required. They are now living in the same enclosure, happily ever after!

Pictures thanks to Evie Gotham.