Paolo and Cuiaba meet for the first time

Paolo arrives from Twycross Zoo to meet his new mate Cuiaba for the first time. See what happened here:

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Rofilho has his first day out!

New baby Tapir Rofilho has had his first day out in the big Paddock with mum Chana. Chana walks protectively near him as he wanders oblivious! Incredibly cute and we're all a bit smitten!

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Meet Dartmoor Zoo's newest big Cat!

After much planning Chincha the Jaguar has finally arrived at Dartmoor Zoo!

Vervet Monkey enrichment at Dartmoor Zoo

At Dartmoor Zoo we are always trying to come up with new ways to provide enrichment for the animals that live here. Enrichment is fantastic to stimulate the animals, and promotes the use of natural behaviours and problem solving. You may have seen the spin the bottle dog enrichment idea, well, we've tried it out on DZPs resident Vervet monkeys, and they loved it!

Introducing Dartmoor Zoo's newest resident

We are proud to announce the birth of another little Tapir by our experienced mum Chana! Rofilho was born on Easter bank holiday Monday and is looking strong and healthy. He's a wonderful legacy as his much loved father Roger sadly passed away a year ago. As the Tapir gestation period is much longer than ours, 13 months, little did we know that Roger had left another legacy behind. Rofilho's name comes from 'Filho' meaning 'Son' in Portuguese with 'Ro' after Roger added on the front, so 'Roger's son'.
Rofilho is starting to venture out and about in his paddock so you may get to see him and his stunning patterned coat during your next visit!

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Cleaning out the Meerkats!

Cleaning out the Meerkats is a daily task here at Dartmoor Zoo. Senior Keeper Hannah Webb shows how it's done with a little (un)help from the Meerkats. You wouldn't believe that there are just 4 Meerkats, they get everywhere!

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Meerkat Mayhem at Dartmoor Zoo

Enrichment at Dartmoor Zoo is vital for the animals, and is great to see as well. We frequently mix things up for the animals so it's never the same for them, and when some plastic ball pool balls came our way, the keepers created a way for the meerkats to play with them in the hunt for hidden food...!

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Jasiri finds his voice!

The magnificent Jasiri arrived at Dartmoor Zoo just before Christmas, since then he's been noticeably quiet, but we were lucky enough to capture him finding his voice on camera!. And my isn't it impressive! Josie certainly thought so!

Vlad gets acrobatic!

Filmed using a GoPro, check out Vlad the Tiger at Dartmoor Zoo jumping to reach meat placed 10ft in a tree for enrichment.

The following videos were filmed as part of our Crowdfund campaign. Although the campaign is over the videos are still relevant and show some of the great work going on at Dartmoor Zoo!

Raccoon dog training at Dartmoor Zoo

Justin and Mike from the Dartmoor zoo presentation team talk about the Raccoon Dogs - Akemi and Tanuki, and how they work with them on a daily basis for training and enrichment purposes. All animals at Dartmoor Zoo receive enrichment to encourage natural behaviours and ensure they are stimulated and healthy

Tiger training at Dartmoor Zoo

We're really proud of our keepers here at Dartmoor Zoo, they have such great relationships with the animals. Here you can see this in practice as Senior Keeper Hannah trains Stripe the Tiger. It's amazing to see and Stripe loves it, see if you can hear her - it sounds like she's purring! Training is undertaken for medical reasons as it helps us to keep a track of the health of the animal. In addition to this the training means that should they ever need to see the vet, where possible, any inspections can be done with the co-operation of the animal and without having to put them under a risky anaesthetic.

Animals at Dartmoor Zoo

Meet some of the amazing animals that call Dartmoor Zoo home.

5 reasons why you should never work with Tapir!

When filming they say you should never work with children or animals, Director Ben here demonstrates 5 reasons why you should never work with Tapir!

Grow 4 Good Southwest and Dartmoor Zoo

Grow 4 Good South West are a charity based at Dartmoor Zoo who help people through gardening. This video shows their relationship with Dartmoor Zoo.