Paolo and Cuiba meet

Tuesday 26th May 2015 at 4:04pm by Rachel Franklin

After a long journey from Twycross Zoo, Paolo finally arrived at Dartmoor Zoo to meet his new mate, Cuiaba. 

When Paolo arrived, Cuiaba was right at the top of the very tall tree in the enclosure from where she couldn't see him.

He was put into the house to wait and after what seemed like a very long time Cuiaba was finally coaxed down with a combination of treats and the sound of a marmoset call being played on one of the keepers phones.

After Paolo was released he found her almost immediately and they right away exhibited mutual grooming and have been inseparable ever since! Their introduction couldn't have gone any better and we are really hopeful for their future together at the zoo.

Welcome to Dartmoor Zoo Paolo!