Santander staff volunteer at the Zoo

Wednesday 10th June 2015 at 12:41pm by Rachel Franklin

On 4th June Dartmoor Zoo were pleased to welcome Helen Retallick, Dawn Young, and Nicola Harris, who donated their time as part of the Santander Community Day initiative.

The scheme encourages staff to take a day out of the office to volunteer for a local cause, and following their fantastic grant donation which will help us to make one of the difficult areas of the zoo more accessible, they chose us!


Helen Retallick said:

Dartmoor Zoo is a fantastic charity - all the staff work really hard. My daughter herself volunteers there so I feel very passionate about the work the zoo does, not only with their beautiful animals but the work they do in the community. It was great that we could organise a Santander Community Day to support them.


The volunteers worked with some of our maintenance team, clearing some of the undergrowth around the big cat enclosures. We were thrilled to have them and they got to work very close to some of our big cats, including Vlad and Stripe the Tigers and Jasiri the Lion.

Thank you very much to Santander for their much valued support, it is truly heartwarming for us to have received it.