Successful wolf move at Dartmoor Zoo

Thursday 26th March 2015 at 4:19pm by Rachel Franklin

Successful wolf move at Dartmoor Zoo

On 25th March, as part of our work with Kim and Shaun Ellis of The Wolf Centre, we had to move 3 Timber wolves temporarily to allow some work to be carried out on their enclosure.

So, how do you move a wolf?!

Darting an animal in order to anaethetise it is something that we try to avoid where we can at Dartmoor Zoo, as it can cause stress to the animal and it can be dangerous. We work very hard with all our animals to use an alternative option where possible.

Shaun Ellis, aka The Wolf Man, has lived with the wolves and the only one who can go in with them. He has been training them over the last few months to get them used to a crate that was built by the maintenance team at the zoo to help with the move. The purpose of the training was to ensure that the wolves are not scared of the crate, and happy to go in it. By going through this training it means that the wolves could be moved without being darted, causing the least amount of stress possible to the animals.

First, and with a great deal of patience, Shaun and Kim coaxed the wolves into the crate.

After closing the door it took 6 men to lift the crate into the waiting Toyota Hilux.








The wolves were then transported across the zoo and the Hilux could back up to the entrance of the temporary enclosure.

Once the crate was lifted into the enclosure and everyone was safely out, Shaun released the wolves - drama free and with as little stress caused to the animals as possible.

 Happy wolves and a great success!