Big cat animal collection at Dartmoor Zoo

Big Cats


Siberian Tiger

Panthera tigris altaica

Name: Vladimir
Date of Birth: 6.6.2001 
Name: Dragan
Date of Birth: 7.10.2014
Name: Alisha
Date of Birth: 10.12.2014
Country of Origin: Russian Far East

African lion

Panthera leo

Name: Josie
Date of Birth: 29.8.2000
Name: Jasiri
Date of Birth: 9.6.2007
Country of Origin: Africa


Panthera onca

Name: Chincha
Date of Birth: 13.10.2012
Country of Origin: Americas

Carpathian Lynx

Lynx lynx carpathica

Name: Flaviu
Date of birth: TBC
Country of Origin: Carpathian mountains


Mammal animal collection at Dartmoor Zoo

Other Mammals


Iberian Wolf

Canis lupus signatus

Name: Carlos
Date of Birth: 7.6.2010
Name: Gregorio
Date of Birth: 13.6.2011 
Name: Raul
Date of Birth: 13.6.2011
Country of Origin: Northern Portugal and Northwestern Spain

Common Raccoon

Procyon lotor

Name: Mapache
Date of Birth: 2000
Country of Origin: North America

Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes

Name: Bramble
Date of Birth: March 2004
Country of Origin: Northern hemisphere

European Brown Bear

Ursus arctos

Name: Hayley
Date of Birth: 25.12.1985 
Country of Origin: Northern Eurasia

Syrian Brown Bear

Ursus arctos syriacus

Name: Fudge
Date of Birth: January 1978 
Country of Origin: Eurasia

Ring Tailed Coati

Nasua nasua

We have 3 female Coati here at Dartmoor Zoo.
Names: Junior, Julio and Fonzo
Country of Origin: Tropical and sub-tropical South America

Short Clawed Otter

Aonyx cinerea

Name: Jonsi
Date of Birth: 3.5.2009
Name: Attitude
Date of Birth: 4.11.2002
Country of Origin: South East Asia, Southern China, Bangladesh and Taiwan

Grants Zebra

Equus quagga boehmi

Name: Tristan
Date of Birth: 26.6.2015
Name: Tim
Date of Birth: 2.6.2015
Country of Origin: Botswana; The Democratic Republic of the Congo; Ethiopia; Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Namibia; Rwanda; Somalia; South Africa; South Sudan; Swaziland; Tanzania, Zambia; Zimbabwe

Brazilian Tapir

Tapirus terrestris

Name: Fortuana
Date of Birth: 13.10.2006
Name: Rofilho
Date of Birth: 6.4.2015
Country of Origin: South America

Reeves Muntjac Deer

Muntiacus reevesi

We have a little herd of un-named Muntjac deer at Dartmoor Zoo. 

Country of Origin: Southeastern China and Taiwan

Fallow Deer

Dama dama

Name: Mr Pickles

Date of Birth: 8.6.2009

Country of Origin: Western Eurasia

Kafue Flats Lechwe

Kobus leche

We have a fairly large herd of lechwe headed up by Chobe.

Chobe was born on 27.5.2010.

Country of Origin: Africa

Azaras Agouti

Dasyprocta azarae

Name: Whispa
Date of Birth: 5.7.2007 
Country of Origin: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina


Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris

We have 6 Capybara here at Dartmoor Zoo, all named after fantastic Mexican food and drinks! 
Names: Fajita
Country of Origin: South America

European Reindeer

Rangifer tarandus

Name: Comet
Date of Birth: 1.4.2008
Name: Tuula
Date of Birth: 10.5.2011
Country of Origin: Arctic and subarctic regions

African Pygmy Goat

Capra aegagrus hircus

We have 9 pygmy goats here at Dartmoor Zoo, again food seems to pop up in the names...!
Names:   Elvis
Country of Origin: Cameroon Valley of West Africa.

Common Marmoset

Callithrix jacchus

Name: Paolo
Date of birth: 28.3.2009
Name: Cuiaba
Date of Birth: 18.1.2010
Country of Origin: Brazil

Vervet Monkey

Chlorocebus pygerythrus

Name: Jay
Date of birth: 23.7.1994
Name: Kiki
Date of birth: 3.6.2002
Country of Origin: Southern Africa

Slender-Tailed Meerkat

Suricata suricatta

We have 9 Meerkats at Dartmoor Zoo! Here are the names of mum and dad of the group. They are the the alpha pair.
Name: Timon
Date of Birth: 21.5.2008
Name: Xena
Date of Birth: 12.9.2011
Country of Origin: Africa

Bennett's Wallaby

Macropus rufogriseus

Name: Wally
Date of Birth: TBC
Country of Origin: Eastern Australia and Tasmania

Parma Wallaby

Macropus parma

Name: Jenny
Date of Birth: 26.6.2005
Name: Forest
Date of Birth: 4.6.2006
Country of Origin: New South Wales, Kawau Island, New Zealand

Sugar Glider

Petaurus breviceps

Name: Calypso
Date of Birth: April 2012
Names: Bruce, Bindi and Toby
Country of Origin: Eastern and Northern Australia

Domestic Rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus

 Name: Monty

Raccoon Dog

Nyctereutes procyonoides

Name: Akemi

Date of Birth: 2011

Name: Tanuki

Date of Birth: 2010

Country of Origin: East Asia

 Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec

Echinops telfairi

Name: Maximus
Date of Birth: 10.7.2013
Country of Origin: Madagascar


Birds, animal collection at Dartmoor Zoo



Temminck's Tragopan

Tragopan temminckii

Name: Jim
Date of Birth: 5.1.2009
Name: Daisy
Date of Birth: 2006
Country of Origin: South Asia, Northeast India, Northwest Vietnam. Tibet, Northern China

Blue and Gold Macaw

Ara ararauna

Name: Buzz
Date of Birth: 1997
Name: Loulou
Date of Birth: 1998
Country of Origin: Tropical South America


Struthio camelus

Name: Pete
Date of Birth: 2000
Name: Dorothy
Date of Birth: 6.1.2009
Country of Origin: Africa

White Cheeked Turaco

Tauraco leucotis leucotis

Name: Andi
Date of Birth: 28.8.2008
Name: Spike
Date of Birth: 2000
Country of Origin: Eritrea, Ethipoia and Sudan

Greater Rhea

Rhea americana

There is a large flock of rhea at Dartmoor Zoo. The most famous resident being Zazu!
Name: Zazu
Date of Birth: 18.8.2013
Country of Origin: South America

White Naped Crane

Grus vipio

Name: Cybil
Date of Birth: 2000
Country of Origin: Northeastern Mongoli, Northeastern China, Southeastern Russia
Also at Dartmoor Zoo we have a number of other birds
that are listed here.
Great horned Owl

Bubo virginianus

Country of Origin: Americas

Barn Owl

Tyto alba
Country of origin: Global

Burrowing owl

Athene cunicularia

Country of origin: The Americas

Great Grey Owl

Strix nebulosa lapponica

Country of origin: Northern Hemisphere


Recurvirostra avosetta

Country of origin: Europe and Western and Central Asia

Greylag Goose

Anser anser

Country of Origin: Europe and North America

Domestic Chicken

Gallus gallus

Country of origin: India, Southeast, East and South Asia

Mandarin Duck

Aix galericulata

Country of origin: East Asia

Common Peafowl

Pavo cristatus

Country of origin: India, Southeast, East and South Asia

Himalayan Monal Pheasant

Lophophorus impejanus

Country of origin: Nepal

Helmeted Guineafowl

Numida meleagris

Country of Origin: Africa

Black Runner Duck

Anas platyrhynchos

Country of Origin: Lombok, Java and Bali




Red Tailed Boa

Boa constrictor constrictor

Name: Kevin
Date of Birth: 2000
Country of Origin: North, Central and South America, Caribbean

Corn Snake

Elaphe guttata guttata

Name: Kelloggs
Date of Birth: 17.9.2007
Country of Origin: Southeastern and central US

Western Hognose Snake

Heterdon nasicus

Name: Django
Date of Birth: 20.10.2013
Country of Origin: North America

Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum


Name: Ronny Biggs

Date of Birth: 2004
Country of Origin: America

Royal Python

Python regius

Name: Khaleesi

Date of Birth: 5.2.2013

Country of Origin: Sub-Saharan Africa

Crested Gecko

Correlophus ciliatus

Name: Dylan
Date of Birth: 1.5.2012
Country of Origin: New Caledonia

Blue Tongued Skink

Tiliqua nigrolutea

Name: Mango
Date of Birth: February 2013
Country of Origin: Australia

Leopard Tortoise

Geochelone pardalis


Name: Shelly
Date of Birth: 1987
Country of Origin: Eastern and Southern Africa

Hermanns Tortoise

Testudo hermanni

Name: River
Date of Birth: 2000
Name: Mildred
Date of Birth: 1980
Country of Origin: Southern Europe

Spur Thighed Tortoise

Testudo graeca

Name: Tina
Date of Birth: 1967
Country of Origin: North Africa, Southern Europe and Southwest Asia


Ambystoma mexicanum

Name: Marshmallow
Date of Birth: 2011
Country of Origin: Central Mexico

African Bull Frog

Pyxicephalus adspersus

Name: Charlie
Date of Birth: 2007
Country of Origin: Africa

Chilean Rose Tarantula

Grammostola rosea

Name: Cruella
Date of Birth: 1999-2007
Country of Origin: Chile

Brazilian Black Tarantula

Grammostola pulchra

Name: Aragog 

Date of Birth: Unknown

Country of Origin:Brazil and Uruguay

Imperial Scorpion

Pandinus imperatator

Name: Ralph
Date of Birth: 1.3.2011
Country of Origin: West Africa

Also at Dartmoor Zoo we have a number of other amphibians and invertebrates that are listed here.

Leaf insect

Phyllium philippinicum

Country of Origin: Philippines


Tanzanian Giant Tailless Whip Scorpion

Damon variegatus

Country of origin: Africa

Tiger Land Snail

Achatina achatina

Country of origin: West Africa

Orange Head Cockroach

Eublaberus posticus

Country of Origin: Amazon

Bicoloured Poison Dart Frog

Phyllobates bicolor

Country of Origin: Western Colombia

Black & Green Poison Dart Frog

Dendrobates auratus

Country of origin: Central and Northwestern South America

Golden Mantella

Mantella aurantiaca

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Yellow-headed day gecko

Phelsuma klemmeri

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Indian Ornamental Tarantula

Poecilotheria regalis

Country of Origin: India


Electric blue gecko

Lygodactylus williamsi

Country of origin: Tanzania

Sun beetle

Pachnoda marginata

Country of Origin: Western and Central Africa

Purple Clawed Hermit Crabs

Coenobita clypeatus

Country of Origin: Tropics


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