Ring Tailed Coati

These ladies are the best climbers of the whole zoo. You will often see them hanging upside down walking along the top of their enclosure. In the wild they live both on the ground and in the trees and are extremely well adapted to climbing. They are good with their paws and they love their food and will snuffle around and use their claws to turn things over and open them to find anything the keepers hide from them. It certainly doesn't stay hidden for long! They like to eat fruit, invertebrates, small animals and bird eggs.

Females will live together, like our 3 ladies, in 'bands' of up to 30 animals which also includes the young. Males though are usually solitary and will come together with the females when they come into heat, which they do when fruit is in season. They are not monogamous. They will have up to 4 babies in a litter and live to about 7 in the wild. They can live to double this age in captivity Coati have an interesting range of sounds.

Fancy getting up close with the Coati?

For those between 8 and 15 you could take part in a fantastic Junior Keeper for a Day experience which features feeding these adorable creatures!