Red Fox

Bramble is a red fox vixen who was found abandoned in a bramble bush by a member of the public when she was a kit. The member of the public brought her to us and we have looked after her ever since. She is a firm favourite with the keepers who all think she is a bit of a loon! We get frequent reports from visitors that she has got her tongue stuck in the fence. It isn't stuck. She just likes to place her tongue on the fence and leave it there!

Foxes as a species are very adaptable and are found pretty much everywhere in the northern hemisphere, and they have even been introduced to Australia. Their range and numbers have expanded with humans, and they have been hunted for centuries because they are considered a pest, and also for their fur which is still used within today's fur trade.

In the wild they tend to live in pairs or small family groups. The young of a mated pair will stay with their parents and help rear new kits. They like to eat many different kinds of food, including small rodents, birds, invertebrates and reptiles. They themselves kill smaller predators, but find themselves targets by larger predators, such as wolves, coyotes and larger felines.