African Pygmy Goats

We have 9 very good natured African Pygmy Goats here at the Zoo for you to meet. Most of them are named after food as they really enjoy to eat! They are often kept as pets and they are also often working animals or milk producers. The species originated in the Cameroon Valley in West Africa but they are very adaptable and their range has increased. They live on grassland and semi-desert areas.

They live on average for between 10 and 15 years and pure bred pygmy goats are between 15 and 20 inches tall to the shoulder. Some are nearly as wide as they are tall!

Why not go and meet them?!

Fancy getting even closer with the goats?

For those between 8 and 15 you could take part in a fantastic Junior Keeper for a Day experience which features feeding these greedy creatures!

In the area where you can meet the goats we also offer the opportunity to climb the Turkey Oak tree which is 200 years old and 90 foot high! You can do this with the specialist climbers from - the experience is suitable for ages 8+ and costs £7 a person. Book in the Jaguar Restaurant or contact the education team on