Carpathian Lynx

Flaviu the Carpathian Lynx arrived with us on 6th July 2016 and was made famous by the fact he managed to escape from his new enclosure that night. A search and tracking effort was immediately put underway and he was returned to us on 30th July, safe and well. He came to us so that he could be part of a breeding programme for this Vulnerable species and we are currently seeking a female to join him. 

Carpathian lynx are a subspecies of Eurasian Lynx which, once common throughout Europe, are now extinct in some areas. There have however been some successful re-introduction programmes, some of which have occurred in the UK.

Their coat in the summer is quite reddish in colour as you can see from the picture, and this changes in the winter to be more silvery-grey to help with camouflage. They are very good climbers and jumpers and t hey can jump 4.5 metres from a standing start! They have tufts on their ears which enhance their hearing.