Raccoons come from North America and are the largest of the procyonid family. This includes Coati who we also have here at the Zoo so why not stop by and see if you can see the family resemblance! 

Raccoons are very intelligent and have very dexterous front paws which have 5 'fingers' on, making them look very much like hands., although they do not have opposable thumbs They are mostly nocturnal and their coats have a very dense underfur which provides great insulation against the cold weather. As a species they are extremely adaptable and they have spread from forest habitats out to mountainous areas, marshes and urban areas. This spread to urban areas has made them a pest to many people, and they are hunted for this reason. Life expectancy in the wild is not very long, and ranges from 2 to 3 years, although in captivity they have been known to live to over 20. Their adaptability also means that they vary drastically physically between the different areas they live in, and are usually the smallest in Florida and the largest in the North. Raccoons have also been introduced in Japan, central Europe (mainly Germany), Belarus and Azerbaijan and are thriving thanks to their adaptable natures.

In the wild, related females will often live together in the same area, while with males their groups of up to four are unrelated. Gestation period is approx. 65 days and a female can have between 2 and 5 kits which are born in Spring and raised by their mother until they leave in late Autumn.

Here's a little video of the Raccoons having some enrichment and some iced fruit in a cool bath to cool them down on a hot summer day!