Walk-through enclosure

Our walk-through enclosure is a great way to get up close with some very friendly animals including the famous Mr. Pickles, the fallow deer. He was found abandoned by a member of the public who cared for him until he outgrew the space she had, and we then took him in. He will freely walk over to you while you are in this area and you can stroke him. Beware though, he does like to nibble shoelaces and maps!

Here are some of the animals living in this area:

Bennett's Wallaby or Red-necked Wallaby

Macropus rufogriseus

Names: Many including Wally

Country of Origin: Eastern Australia and Tazmania

Conservation status: Least Concern

Parma Wallaby

Macropus parma

Names: Jenny and Forest

Country of Origin: New South Wales, Kawau Island, New Zealand

Conservation status: Near Threatened

Fallow Deer

Dama dama

Name: Mr. Pickles

Country of Origin: Western Eurasia

Conservation status: Least Concern

Reeves Muntjac Deer

Muntiacus reevesi

Country of Origin: Southeastern China and Taiwan

Conservation status: Least concern