Food and Drink 

With a variety to choose from you can be sure to find something to tickle your taste buds! We strive to use the best quality ingredients from our local suppliers so you can rest and relax whilst enjoying a meal from our convenient menu.


Jaguar Restaurant 

Located at the peak of the zoo overlooking the African paddock featuring Ostrich, Lechwe and more – The Jaguar Restaurant is the perfect place to pick up your morning coffee, a mid-morning snack, lunch or even a cheeky afternoon tea with a slice of cake!

Boasting an impressive 120+ seating capacity and an indoor play area for those typical Dartmoor days or a break from the sun The Jaguar Restaurant is the ideal place to relax with your family. Choose a window seat and absorb fantastic views of rolling Dartmoor hills upon the horizon.

From hearty meals prepared by our dedicated catering team to delicious cakes and locally made pasties from YumYumMe you'll have plenty to choose from - the little ones have a variety of hot and cold options too!

Allergies? Dietary requirements? Fussy eater? Our menu has been carefully constructed so there is something for everyone – If you have any doubt or queries you can contact us in advance. (01752 837 645)

Enjoy more al fresco dining?

Benches and tables have been set up in designated picnic areas so you can take your meals outside to enjoy! Beware of the Peacocks – these greedy little creatures may wish to be an extra guest to your group but please resist the urge to feed them your leftovers as this can make them poorly.

Our menu is designed to be quick and convenient, allowing you the ability to make the most of your day at the zoo!   


Ice Cream Kiosk (Seasonal)

Need some extra refreshment? Look no further! Based at the heart of the zoo serving a variety of drinks and fantastic flavour ice creams from  Yarde Farm you can choose between cones, tubs or even a home-made milkshake! Dairy free? Trying to be healthier? No problem try an Olly  Lolly! Made in Plymouth all with locally sourced fresh fruit!

 Fancy something a little extra? Ask our staff about what toppings are available for your after dinner treat!


Palm Oil Free

The production of Palm Oil is having increasingly devastating environmental effects across the world. Dartmoor Zoological Park is striving to to become 'palm oil free' through responsible purchasing of its restaurant, gift shop and cleaning products to lessen its contribution to this devastation.

The zoo is also increasing its public engagement on the effects of unsustainable palm oil production. Learn more about the issues here.













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