Academic Placement

Each year, Dartmoor Zoological Park houses University Academic Placement students within relevant departments to fit University industrial year programmes (normally between second and third year Undergraduate study).

These placements provide students with valuable hands on experience in research skills, exotic animal husbandry and public engagement. We are adaptable to the requirements of your University so feel free to enquire and see if you are eligible.

Most Academic Placement students enter one of the following departments:

Conservation & Research

Becoming part of a small but dedicated team in conducting the zoos’ scientific conservation and research in animal behaviour, welfare, nutrition, enrichment and environment, students learn how to conduct and apply the scientific process to gaining critical knowledge of captive and wild animals.


The keeper team are responsible for the care of all our major animals, from chickens to lions. Work is varied and the experiences gained will be critical for future career opportunities.


The Presentation Team conduct the zoos’ public engagement and education. From small sessions on invertebrates to large scale talks on tiger biology and conservation, the team acts are the face of the zoo. This department also looks after the ‘education animals’ including invertebrates, reptiles and small mammals.

If you are interested in conducting an academic placement as part of your University programme, please contact our Head of Conservation & Research, Adam Cook at with details of what you wish to do.