Looking at conducting a research project as part of your course? Here are Dartmoor Zoo we have strong links with universities and other higher education institutes which enable us to conduct research into cognition, behaviour, conservation and animal welfare. We are also creating projects which examine aspects of the social sciences including visitor attitudes and measuring the effectiveness of our education and science communication activities.

Our open door policy has played a significant role in the increase in number of projects conducted at the zoo. We accept research projects from undergrad to postgrad and PHD students.

Our in-house research team are here to help and have a list of available projects or can work with you to come up with a project of your choice.

Past dissertation projects include:

  • Corvid Intelligence
  • Environmental Impacts and working towards the Green Tourism Award
  • Vervet nutrition and co-operation
  • Butterfly conservation
  • Coati training techniques


If you are a student and wish to conduct all, or part of your research at Dartmoor Zoo, please contact our Head of Research at adam.cook@plymouth.ac.uk