Primary Outreach

Here at Dartmoor Zoo we offer a range of Outreach sessions designed to collectively cater for the needs of any group.

Close Encounters; ‘hands on’ session with some of the less furry animals,

Adaptations; Our Adaptations session gives an early insight into the world of animal evolution as pupils come face to face with our weird and wonderful collection of critters.

Animal Habitats; Take a closer look at the places our animals call home in our Habitat session as we meet a group of animals from all over the globe.

Classification; Discover what makes an animal a mammal, reptile or insect in this interactive session where our scaly friends help us put animals into groups.

Animals in the Close Encounters display may vary depending on feed cycles and your distance from the zoo.

Secondary Outreach

Close Encounters
In this fully interactive, ‘hands on’ session we bring the zoo to you! Close Encounters allows students to get up close to some of the ‘less furry’ animals at DZP while also learning about the lifestyle and habitats of a range of different species. Animals in the Close Encounters display may vary depending on feed cycles and distance from the zoo, but include:

Careers in zoos-highlights the career options available to young adults wanting to enter the zoo or animal care industry.


Outreach prices:

1 workshop £85*

Additional workshops £40*

Travel up to 20 miles included

Number of miles over 20 @ £1.00 per mile

If you book multiple sessions please could you try to ensure that they run consecutively throughout the school day.

*Please note these prices are exempt from VAT


Digital Outreach

Digital Outreach brings the zoo to your classroom via a Skype link.

Can be used as stand alone sessions or a follow up after a visit to the zoo.

Each session is hosted by a member of our education team and we are happy to cover any aspects of the curriculum you are covering at the time.

You will be able to meet some of our smaller creatures as well as our Meerkats without even leaving the classroom, and of course we will be happy to answer all those questions your students have about working at a zoo!

You will need the following in your classroom in order to take part in these sessions:

  • A Skype account
  • An internet connection
  • A webcam
  • An interactive whiteboard or equivalent to display the skype picture

Each session costs £30