Dogs on Site

Please leave your dogs at home

At Dartmoor Zoo animal welfare is our top priority and it is for this reason that we do not allow guests’ dogs on site or to be left in cars in our car park.

Please read the RSPCA’s guidance here


Registered Assistance Dogs

We are happy to welcome Guide Dogs for the Blind, Disability Assistance Dogs, Disability Support Dogs, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Medical Assistance Dogs and Seizure Alert Dogs provided that they are fully registered, kept under control and accompanied by their owners.


Owners MUST show the relevant Identification Cards before entering the zoo and all assistance dogs MUST wear their identifying jackets whilst on site. ID card and jackets are a part of the regulations for all Registered and Trained Support Dogs in the UK. For further information, please contact Assistance Dogs (UK).

We regret that we are unable to allow dogs into the Zoo site unless FULLY TRAINED, and certain areas where we have free ranging animals such as the “Walk Through” remain out-of-bounds even to assistance dogs.

Assistance Dogs (UK) has issued an ID book to all 6500 assistant dog users in the UK, meaning there is now one recognisable ID. Every assistance dog user will carry an ID book giving information about their assistance dog and training organisation.

RED                    – Medical Detection or Dog AID

PURPLE             – Physical Assistance Dog

BLUE                  – Support Dog (seizure alert or similar)

BURGUNDY      – Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

FLOURESCENTGuide Dogs for the Blind