Little Wild Heroes Sponsored Walk

We’re teaming up with Brain Tumour Research! But why?
Because of scary facts such as these:
Every two hours, someone is diagnosed with a brain tumour in England
Just 1% of national spend on cancer is spent on brain tumour research
Brain tumours kill more children than leukaemia
So we’re putting our superhero capes on and conquering brain tumours together.
 We’re looking for young, enthusiastic children to join in to walk around the Zoo dressed as their favourite super heroes.
The event will start from 8.30 am at the Main Gate. The Wild Hero Walkers can walk, jump or even fly around greeting all the exotic creatures around the Zoo. Roar at the lions, squawk at the parrots and wave at the monkeys on your little adventure to raise money for Brain Tumour Research.
Free admission all day for sponsored walkers, as well as discounted tickets for supporters and family. Children will also receive a certificate of participation.
To sign up email: with the name and age of the sponsored walker.
Alternatively download our sponsorship form here:
Brain Tumour Research Sponsorship Form