New Lionesses at Dartmoor

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March 6, 2019
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New Lionesses at Dartmoor

Dartmoor Zoological Park are proud to announce the arrival of the very beautiful ‘Pride of Dartmoor’ lionesses Kimya and Nikita. The sisters have travelled from Longleat in Wiltshire to make Dartmoor their home.
Since arriving they have settled in comfortably, and are now roaming around outside greeting the company of visitors.
Jasiri is very happy to have new friends. Kimya and Nikita are pleasantly enjoying the sun in the enclosure next to Jasiri. We aim to let them gradually get to know each other before being introduced in the future.
Their interactions have been going well so far, as Jasiri has spent a lot of time watching the sisters from his enclosure, greeting them with his euphonious roar from time to time.
Nikita and Kimya are far from shy and look forward to meeting you on your next visit.


  1. Bethan Gamble says:

    Can’t wait to see them all together. Do you know when the gorgeous girls will be put in with Jasiri? Really hoping it’s soon!

    • dartmoor zoo says:

      They are currently getting to know each other from adjacent enclosures and as soon as we feel the time is right we will put them in together. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for updates.

      • Bethan Gamble says:


        I don’t suppose you have a date on when Kimya and Nikita will be joining Jasiri as of yet? Will it be in time for Roar n Snore?

        • dartmoor zoo says:

          Hi Bethan, There is no firm date for the introduction as yet. The lionesses are on view to the public in the adjacent enclosure and are roaring to each other every day. Hope you come along to see and hear them.

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