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Royal Python

Female Khaleesi REALLY dislikes karaoke


Blue Tongued Skink

Male Mango is named after his 2nd favourite food. (Boiled egg is his favourite)

yellow headed-80

Yellow-Headed Day Gecko

These endangered geckos hide on yellow bamboo

spur thighed-80

Spur Thighed Tortoise

Tina is the oldest resident at DZP! 58 years young

leaf tail gecko sq

Leaf Tail Gecko

Henkel’s leaf tail gecko is endemic to Madagascar. Their flat leaf-like tail and mottled skin colour makes them great at blending in with their surroundings.

King snake-80

Milk Snake

Female Ronnie is named after another notorious escapee, Ronnie Biggs


King Snake

Male Oreo eats other snakes!


Leopard Tortoise

Shelly was illegally taken from the wild as a hatchling. Poachers face huge fines today.

Red Tailed Boa Constrictor-80

Red Tailed Boa Constrictor

Male Kevin is seven feet long

Corn Snake-80

Corn Snake

Sir Allen Hiss is friendly and often ends up in people’s clothing

Bearded Dragon-80

Bearded Dragon

Elliot was rescued from the roadside and has recovered so well that he’ll fall asleep on anyone who holds him for long enough

Western Hognose Snake-80

Western Hognose Snake

Male Django is our smallest snake, and he plays dead as a defence!


Electric Blue Gecko

Critically endangered, oranges are their favourite food

Axanthic Blue Iguana

Blue Iguana

These colourful individuals are an endangered species native to the Cayman Islands.


Black and White Tegu

Female Alianna is nearly 4’ long and as clever as some dogs!


Saharan Yellow Uromastyx

Our male Winston will go bright yellow when he has been basking all day


Crested Gecko

These New Caledonian residents were thought to be extinct until the mid 1990’s and are now considered a vulnerable species.