Tiger Update

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August 12, 2019
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Tiger Update

Over the last few months you may have been aware that our beautiful female Amur tiger, Alisha, has been very lame on her front left leg. Alisha and her partner Dragan are very playful and are often seen play fighting together, regularly pouncing on one another whilst the other is asleep! She has been closely monitored by the vets and keepers and given as much bed rest as the keepers could give her (all we can say is try getting a tiger to take some bed rest!) However her limp was not improving. So it was time to call in the experts again in the form of the International Zoo Vet Group (IZVG).

To get a closer look at her injury the vets anesthetised Alisha and took x-rays of her leg. These have shown that she didn’t just pull the muscles in her leg but also managed to get a small hairline fracture. From the x-rays we can see that it is healing well and more bed rest and anti inflammatory drugs are needed to keep her comfortable. It will be a little while until she is fully healed, however she is now wondering around her enclosure happily with her partner in crime Dragan being closely monitored by the keepers.

We will keep you updated on her progress.

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  1. Randy Trover says:

    Glad to see she is healing. Keep up the fine work you are doing.

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