The incredibly kind and generous donations we receive are fantastic in helping us to keep up the amazing job our staff do to give the animals in the zoo the best possible food, enrichment and lifestyle they deserve.

We are always very grateful for any donation that can be made to Dartmoor Zoo, and it doesn't have to be money - you'd be surprised at what we'll find useful!

Here's a list of things that would come in handy up at the zoo:

  • Vivariums 
  • Exo terra tanks
  • Heat mats
  • Hides
  • Fake foliage 
  • Cork bark 
  • Mangrove wood
  • Lighting units / ballasts
  • Thermostats 
  • Other reptile equipment
  • Building materials - anything!
  • Carpet rugs of any size, but not deep pile, for our animal rehabilitation pens
  • Leaf blower
  • Pestle and mortar - for crushing up pills and making them into a more palatable paste if any of that animals need medication
  • Duck splash pools
  • Happy pet willow tubes
  • Knife sharpener for our fruit and veg knives
  • Fruit and veg knives
  • Pet carriers
  • Hanging puzzle toy for a parrot
  • Wooden spoons for targets for tiger training
  • Food processor / blender 

We have some other less common items on our Amazon Wish List.

Just give us a ring if you have something you think that we might find useful that's not on the list on 01752 837 645. All donations are received with much appreciation from all of us at the zoo. 

 Or you could make an online donation today...