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Support your mental health

At Dartmoor Zoo, we’re strong believers in the beneficial effects that being outside can have on mental health and wellbeing

We’re keen to support people on their personal journeys, be it to recovery, back to work, or simply to just feel better than they used to.

As a charity, we bring together not only animal welfare but the benefits that animals can bring to humans in distress. We truly integrate the care of vulnerable and endangered animals with the care of those who have been excluded, suffer from mental health conditions and specifically have served in our armed forces and are dealing with PTSD.

We work with referrals from charities and organisations as well as individuals who would like to incorporate the outdoors into their recovery programmes.

Our Wellbeing Programme launched in 2016 as part of an event to engage local organisations, charities and people who would potentially benefit from what we can offer.

In the UK, one in four people suffer from mental health problems each year, so it’s more common than most people think.

The Dartmoor Zoo Wellbeing Programme includes:

  • Be creative. Groups and mental health service providers can either request wellbeing passes to share or refer individuals to be creative at the zoo through art or photography as a way to support them on their journey.
  • Zoo entry for groups. We can offer a reduced entry price for a group to come in and enjoy a day at the zoo, and get back to nature.
  • Group volunteering. One off group volunteering sessions available for up to 10 at a time. (Please note: this experience would not be representative of ongoing volunteering at the zoo and if an individual is interested in volunteering, we would advise them to go through the application process to ensure it really is right for them.)

Next step

If you’re a charity or organisation interested in discussing how we can work together to support your clients or have a client you would like to refer, please email us or call 01752 837645.


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