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Leave a gift in your Will

Support Dartmoor Zoological Society and make a lasting legacy to protect wildlife


We have partnered with Bequeathed to offer our supporters an entirely free Will making service to help you write or update your Will, with the added reassurance of professional legal advice.




In 2014, the Mee family displayed their generosity by gifting Dartmoor Zoological Park to the ‘Dartmoor Zoological Society’, an organisation established for conservation. This charity is officially registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, bearing the registration number 1158422.

This charitable entity is responsible for the well-being of over 400 animals, a substantial number of which are classified as critically endangered. In addition to this, the organisation oversees vital conservation efforts, breeding programs, and research initiatives. The charity’s sustenance relies entirely on contributions, ticket sales, and legacies, which are crucial to uphold our essential endeavors.

As a result, while maintaining our cherished connection to the ‘We Bought a Zoo’ narrative, an exhilarating new chapter steered by the charity is now unfolding.

Our Vision:

To protect threatened species and enable people to help wildlife thrive.

Our Mission:

To conserve wildlife, promote wellbeing and educate future generations by inspiring people to be more engaged with nature.

Our aims:

  • Help threatened wildlife survive and thrive
  • Supporting education and field conservation through active participation and research
  • Sustain our future

Leaving a gift in your will to Dartmoor Zoological Society

Empower Our Mission: Secure the Future for Wildlife through Legacy Giving

Imagine a world where no animal species teeters on the brink of extinction. You have the power to turn this vision into reality by leaving a meaningful gift in your Will to the Dartmoor Zoological Society.

Crafting a Legacy: Your guide to leaving a lasting impact

Our commitment extends beyond wildlife; it embraces people too. Our purpose revolves around preserving wildlife, fostering well-being, and imparting knowledge to future generations, igniting a profound connection with nature.

Become a Guardian of Nature’s Wonders

By including a gift in your Will, you become a steadfast ally to some of the planet’s most vulnerable species. Your generosity becomes a lifeline, ensuring these majestic beings not only endure but flourish for generations to come.

Together, let’s create a legacy that champions life in all its forms and secures a thriving world for every living being.

There are different types of legacy you can leave:

Pecuniary – this type of legacy is a fixed sum of money

Residuary – this is the amount left of the estate after all other claims and liabilities have been paid

Specific – this can be a valuable item such as a house, car or antique

What is the free will service?

Introducing the Free Will Service: Simplifying Your Legacy Planning

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Once your Will is perfected, the legal experts will assist you in the signing and witnessing process, while also offering free storage services for your document.

For a straightforward Will, ideally suited to most individuals, there are never any charges. However, should your circumstances entail complexity, the legal firm will transparently outline the requirements and provide a personalized quote for your consideration. Embark on this Journey with Bequeathed: Empower Your Legacy

Selecting Bequeathed as your partner ensures that your hard-earned assets and cherished possessions find their way to the people and causes that hold a special place in your heart.

Choosing to leave a legacy with the Dartmoor Zoological Society extends your impact beyond your lifetime, nurturing your affinity for animals and contributing to our global animal protection endeavors. Your generosity becomes an enduring force for good.

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What could your gift do for animals?

Would pay for one month’s meat to feed our ‘Pride of Dartmoor’ Big Cats

Would pay for the renovation of one of our smaller enclosures to give our animals a habitat upgrade

Would fund a zoo keepers salary for 12 months

Would fund the building of a large enclosure to help protect an endangered species at Dartmoor Zoo

Would enable us to build a state-of-the-art educational unit or an off-show facility for breeding animal pairs for reintroduction

Let your legacy be their future

The generosity of supporters who have remembered Dartmoor Zoological Society in their Will, and the difference it has made to protect animals, cannot be underestimated.

Your gift will ensure that we can continue to make a difference to wildlife and people, both now and in the future.

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