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Virtual learning

Zooming into your learning

Are you missing your visit to the Zoo? Are you looking for a way to take virtual learning to the next level? Here at Dartmoor Zoo, we have got you covered!

Purchasing a virtual school trip tour, virtual workshop or live Q&A to share with your students, family or friends is a great way to spend your time, whilst learning about our amazing animals and supporting the Dartmoor Zoological Society charity.

Virtual school trip tour

We are super excited to announce and launch our new virtual school trip. This 35-minute-long virtual tour will take you around some of our most iconic animals including our family of Asian short-clawed otters, our African lion pride and our speedy nosey-be panther chameleon.  Your class will get an insight into these animals from a mixture of our keepers, presenters and volunteers. Covering all aspects of information about these animals including where they can be found in the world, how these animals feed and what can be done to save them.

For just £50* you will have access to this virtual tour for four hours which will allow you to watch this amazing tour with all your students whether this is through a virtual classroom or in your living room.

“With the Zoo being closed we wanted to create a fun, engaging and immersive experience to bring Dartmoor Zoo to your own front room. This has been an amazing project to put together, that we can’t wait for you all to see” – Francesca Canale-Dow (Education and Research Manager)

Habitats and adaptations workshop

If our large, charismatic animals are not for you, why not treat your students to our exciting new 20-minute virtual workshop? During this workshop, we will introduce you to some of our less furry animals including our spiny tailed lizard, Elizabeth or how about even meeting our elusive hermit crab… Don’t worry too much, this workshop is not all about reptiles and invertebrates! We will also introduce you to an animal who looks like a hedgehog but is more closely related to an elephant…. our lesser hedgehog tenrec, Maximus.

For only £50* you will have access to this virtual workshop for four hours allowing you and your students to get a real insight to our more unusual animals.

Live Q&As with the Zoo staff

If you would like to make this experience a little more unique, why not add on a live Q&A session with one of our keepers for just £50*. This half an hour Q&A will allow you to chat one-on-one with our keepers and ask all your burning questions about our animals or what it’s like to work alongside these stunning animals.

 “What a fantastic afternoon Year 1 have had today, with a ‘visit’ to Dartmoor Zoo. This gave the children an insight into what the animals eat, where they live and many other interesting facts. A big thank you to Dartmoor Zoo for providing our children with such a lovely experience” – Ms. Tamblyn (Head Teacher of Burraton Primary School)

* All prices are for one class of up to 30 children.

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