DZP is working hard to improve the way we manage our Zoo, to enhance our sustainability. We are building provisions to reduce our environmental impact and enhance ecological and social benefits. We believe our efforts are vital for a sustainable future.

Nothing goes to waste at DZP. We’re proud to announce all waste is repurposed.
Here’s how it works:
Mixed general, non-food waste is sent to the Enviro Hub, where it is shredded into a maximum of 300mm in size. The shredded waste is then sent to the Trammel which removes any fines such as dirt and very small items. The fine materials are re-processed at our Sowton MRF, where they are cleaned up in order to be re-used as ground cover or infill on new construction site.
The material then goes on to the ballistic separator where it is sorted into 2D and 3D. The 3D goes through magnets and laser optics to separate all metals and plastic. The 2D materials go es through two lasers, which removes all paper, card and soft plastics.
Following these processes, we are left with around 10-15% of our original waste in the form of small residual items, which are formed into an energy product.
We then re-process the separated recycling by sending it back through the ballistic separator to further categorise the materials such as coloured and clear plastics.
All recycled is then sent for re-processing at mills all over the UK and our partners in Europe and Asia. We work with international team to determine the best sustainable recycling solution for the materials.
Palm oil have been significantly linked with the destruction of the world’s most precious rain forests. This is why we ensure all products in our restaurant  are either rain forest alliance approved, or completely palm oil free. The sustainability of our food sources play a vital role in the way we make an impact.
December 16, 2019

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