Devon Contract Waste Recycling Scheme

Did you know a little waste can go a long way?
Devon Contract Waste are collecting plastic confectionery tubs (DWC Polymers) this Christmas to  recycle into new plastic products  such as watering cans and even shoes!

Sadly, most UK councils don’t recycle these! But Devon Contract Waste do! 

So, by donating your clean tubs to the kiosk at Dartmoor Zoo, you’re helping to support our planet 

But not only that, your plastic contribution helps support wildlife and conservation here too. All profits from the process will be donated to Dartmoor Zoo.

That sounds like a triple win (if you think about all that chocolate you get to eat)! 

So, start munching and save your tubs!

If you would like to start your own collection of tubs for Devon Contract waste, you can download a poster here. Please remember to contact them, to let them know you’re collecting!