The benefits to you…

The benefits to us are obvious. Your organisation can help us get some of our long-desired projects off the ground, and many companies already have.

Take a look at our leaflet here.

But what does it do for you?

Beyond the healthy glow of altruism is a real and positive effect on your bottom line – involvement with Dartmoor Zoo’s cause can actually help your business. Ethical buying and decision-making has never been more prevalent, and that goes for business decisions too. Our sponsors’ customers understand that those companies who do more for the common good, mean more.

And the same goes for your employees.

Organisations with a CSR policy consistently report higher morale among their workers than competitors, and they are more attractive to new recruits. 


A study with EE staff volunteering for 1 day at Dartmoor Zoo has shown to have a long lasting improvement in customer satisfaction and net promoter score.

How can you help?

Corporate investment at DZP can come in any form, whether you would like to be sole funder for a new enclosure, sponsor a vehicle, provide materials, goods or services, or simply donate an amount of money to the zoo, we would love to hear from you. But we are open to all new suggestions: if you have a great idea, please get in touch – your help could make a massive difference to our conservation work.

Give us a call on 01752 837 645, or email us on zoobase@dartmoorzoo.co.uk


Any perks can we give you?



  • Your company logo and web link on our website, or on a banner in our carpark or around the park
  • Entry passes as rewards for your employees
  • Discounted prices on events, staff parties, and product launches
  • Great incentives and rewards to offer your customers, tailored to your needs, from discounted entry to animal experience offers
  • Your own section on our website to talk about your company
  • Promotion through our extensive social network of over 74,000 direct followers
  • Volunteering opportunities for your staff

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