Amphibians & Invertebrates

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African Bull Frog-80

African Bull Frog

Carnivorous frogs that like to eat mice

Golden Mantella-80

Golden Mantella

Critically endangered and can give off toxins through their skin

Poison Dart Frog 2

Poison Dart Frog

these small frogs are not actually poisonous in captivity due to their diet being different from what they would eat in the wild

Tanzanian Giant Tailless Whip Scorpion-80

Tanzanian Giant Tailless Whip Scorpion

Not actually scorpions but an arachnid and famous for being in Harry Potter

Chilean Rose Tarantula-80

Chilean Rose Tarantula

A large tarantula that has been known to eat small lizards

Brazilian Black Tarantula-80

Brazilian Black Tarantula

This species was featured in the Harry Potter films



Once declared extinct but now a small colony has been found in Mexico City


Orange Head Cockroach

These flying insects are the cleanest animals in the animal kingdom

Sun beetle-80

Sun beetle

Larvae metamorphosis into these colourful beetles


Tiger Land Snail

Giant snails with a whopping 250,000 teeth

Purple Clawed Hermit Crabs-80

Purple Clawed Hermit Crabs

Famous for swapping their shells to look as snazzy as they can


Achrioptera Fallax

When the males of this stick insect species mature they will turn bright blue