Standard Adoption
October 9, 2017
Standard Membership
October 9, 2017
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Deluxe Adoption


Everyone has their favourite animal, and now is your chance to really help and be a part of that animal’s life.

When you adopt one of Dartmoor Zoo’s animals you will be helping to pay for the care, feeding and general well-being of that animal for one year. The costs of running a zoo are enormous and every penny contributed makes a huge difference.

  • Signed copy of the book ‘We Bought a Zoo’
  • A fact sheet about your animal
  • Picture of your chosen animal
  • A certificate of adoption
  • Four complimentary adult tickets to DZP
  • DZP keyring
  • DZP Animal Toy

Please email us with your choice of animal from the list below  Make sure you also give us the name of the person it is for – thanks! If it is for a Christmas present let us know so we can date it 25th December for you.

Additional information

African Lions: Jasiri, Amur Tigers: Dragan and Alisha, Asian Short Clawed Otters: Matty and Jasmine, Brazilian Tapirs: Chana and Rofilo, Brown Bear: Hayley, Cheetahs: Tibo and Baro, Gregorio and Raul, Iberian Wolves: Gregorio and Raul, Jaguar: Chincha, Meerkats: Xena, Twix and Timon, Panther Chameleon: Pascal, Raccoon Dogs: Tanuki, Akemi and Kato