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Corporate Social Responsibility & Team Volunteering

Corporate Social Responsibility & Team Volunteering

If you’re looking for a way to support your corporate social responsibility commitments, Dartmoor Zoo have plenty of CSR and team volunteering opportunities available!

Dartmoor Zoo, situated in the picturesque Devon countryside, offers a range of opportunities for businesses to fulfil their corporate social responsibility objectives. 

Through activities like team volunteer work, corporate event space hire, sponsorship, conservation efforts, fundraising, and animal adoptions, businesses can significantly contribute to the zoo and the wider community.

CSR activities

Team Building Volunteer Work

Dartmoor Zoo offers an unparalleled venue for team-building volunteer work, designed to boost employee engagement while supporting a noble cause. These volunteer opportunities are crafted to enhance teamwork, communication, and leadership skills as teams collaborate on meaningful projects.

Activities include habitat construction, maintenance tasks, creating enrichment for animals, and assisting in the zoo’s daily operations. Such hands-on work not only strengthens team bonds but also instils a sense of accomplishment and connection to nature.

Volunteering at Dartmoor Zoo is a profound way for teams to develop professionally and personally while making a tangible difference in the zoo’s mission.

Team Building Volunteer Work

Corporate Venue Hire

Dartmoor Zoo provides stunning corporate event spaces, ideal for hosting meetings, conferences, and team-building retreats. Selecting the zoo for your corporate events not only guarantees a unique and inspiring setting but also directly supports the zoo’s educational and conservation initiatives.

The available facilities are versatile and fully equipped to accommodate a variety of event specifications, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience for all attendees.

Conference Room Hire in Plymouth Devon


Businesses can exhibit their environmental and conservation commitment through Dartmoor Zoo’s sponsorship opportunities. Sponsoring animals, habitats, or conservation projects allows companies to align their brands with vital ecological endeavours, gaining recognition among the zoo’s visitors and the broader community. 



Dartmoor Zoo leads in conservation and research efforts, focusing on the preservation of endangered species and their habitats. Businesses can engage with these initiatives through direct participation in projects, educational outreach, and supporting sustainability practices.

Contributing to Dartmoor Zoo’s conservation efforts not only aids in biodiversity preservation but also raises awareness about environmental conservation among employees and customers.


Organising fundraising events is a crucial aspect of supporting Dartmoor Zoo’s objectives. Businesses can contribute by hosting various fundraising activities, offering a platform for team engagement and community participation, while also supporting the zoo’s conservation, education, and animal care missions.

Become a Corporate Supporter

Dartmoor Zoo’s corporate supporters deliver significant and lasting impacts. Increase brand visibility, employee engagement opportunities, and highlight your company’s commitment and conservation and community values.


Animal adoptions at Dartmoor Zoo present a unique way for businesses to support conservation efforts. By adopting an animal, companies contribute to the care, feeding, and enrichment of their chosen species. This not only helps the zoo maintain high standards of animal welfare but also allows businesses to connect with their adopted animal through updates and visits, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of wildlife conservation.


How Your Business and Employees Can Support Us

Businesses and their employees can support Dartmoor Zoo in a multitude of ways, including volunteering, participating in events, animal adoptions, and financial donations. The zoo welcomes support in the form of skill-sharing, where professionals offer their expertise in areas such as marketing, fundraising, and maintenance.

Additionally, companies can engage by attending zoo-hosted events, which are pivotal in raising awareness and funds for the zoo. Every form of support is invaluable, aiding Dartmoor Zoo in its mission to conserve wildlife, educate the public, and provide unparalleled care for its animals.

Engaging with the zoo offers a fulfilling way to meet CSR goals, enrich employee experience, and contribute to global conservation efforts.


Next steps

If you’re interested in getting involved, need advice or have any questions about our CSR and volunteering opportunities at Dartmoor Zoo, please get in touch with us. 

Email us or call 01752 837645.