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company Christmas party venue in Plymouth

A unique company Christmas party venue in Plymouth

Discover the magic of celebrating a company Christmas party at a venue set amidst the wild beauty of Dartmoor Zoo.

Dartmoor Zoo offers a truly unique venue that promises an unforgettable festive experience.

With exclusive venue hire, your team will enjoy the rare blend of adventure and elegance, making your corporate Christmas party stand out.

Celebrate this festive season surrounded by the enchanting ambience of the zoo, where every detail is tailored to ensure a memorable event.

What’s Included in the Dartmoor Zoo Corporate Christmas Party Package?

  • Private Venue Hire Until Midnight: Secure a private space where your festivities can unfold in exclusivity.
  • Welcome Drinks & Festive Buffet Menu: Begin the evening with a toast and indulge in a deliciously curated festive buffet.
  • Private Zoo Tour & Entry to Christmas Event: Experience the zoo like never before with a private tour and special event access.
  • Dedicated Event Host: From the moment you arrive, be greeted and guided by your dedicated host.
  • Festive Decorations & Surround Sound Bluetooth Media System: Immerse in the Christmas spirit with themed decorations and your own jolly playlist.
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What’s on the Menu of Your Company Christmas Party?

Dartmoor Zoo provides a festive buffet that caters to a wide range of dietary preferences. From traditional favourites to contemporary delights, the menu is designed to please every palate. For specific dietary requirements, the zoo encourages direct contact to ensure all guests are accommodated.

Check out a sample menu and whet your appetite here.

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Get in Touch with the Events Team Today

The Dartmoor Zoo Events Team is eager to help you plan the perfect corporate Christmas party event. With a passion for creating bespoke experiences, they invite you to reach out and begin the journey to an extraordinary celebration. Don’t wait to secure your date and start envisioning a festive gathering that’s as wild and wonderful as the setting itself!

Company Christmas party venue hire FAQs

Why should I choose Dartmoor Zoo as my work Christmas party venue?

Dartmoor Zoo stands out as a company Christmas party venue with its unique blend of natural beauty and extraordinary wildlife. It offers a memorable experience that goes beyond the typical corporate event, ensuring your celebration is both enchanting and unforgettable.

What’s included in a Dartmoor Zoo corporate Christmas party?

A Dartmoor Zoo corporate Christmas party includes private venue hire until midnight, welcome drinks, a delicious festive buffet, a private zoo tour, and entry to a special Christmas event, all designed to make your company Christmas party truly special.

What could be on the menu for our work Christmas party?

The menu for your company Christmas party at Dartmoor Zoo could include a range of festive favourites and contemporary culinary delights, tailored to suit all dietary needs and preferences, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all attendees.

Is Dartmoor Zoo an easy Christmas party venue to get to?

Dartmoor Zoo is an easily accessible corporate Christmas party venue from anywhere within Devon, and especially close to Plymouth with its train station too. Its convenient location ensures that guests can arrive comfortably, making it a practical choice for companies looking to celebrate in a unique setting. Plenty of parking is available, including for minibuses and coaches. 

Can your team help me arrange our work Christmas party?

Yes, the Dartmoor Zoo Events Team is dedicated to assisting you in arranging your corporate Christmas party. Their expertise and enthusiasm in planning bespoke events will ensure your celebration is perfectly tailored to your company’s needs.