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10 surprising benefits of hosting your next conference at a zoo

10 surprising benefits of hosting your next conference at a zoo

At Dartmoor Zoo, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and versatile venue for a wide array of corporate events, from intimate meetings to grand conferences. 

Nestled within the stunning surrounds of Dartmoor National Park, our zoo provides an extraordinary backdrop that not only captivates but also enhances your event’s overall experience. With a dedicated team on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly, hosting your next conference at Dartmoor Zoo is not just about finding a venue; it’s about creating an unforgettable experience for you and your delegates. 

Discover the array of benefits that come with stepping out of the conventional conference room and into the wild.

1. Unleash creativity and participation

The inspiring surroundings of Dartmoor Zoo stimulate the mind, fostering creativity and participation among attendees. The unique setting encourages thinking outside the box, leading to more innovative ideas and dynamic discussions.

2. Enhanced social media engagement

With its intriguing and picturesque backdrop, your event is set to generate increased social media impressions and awareness. Attendees are more likely to share their experiences online, providing additional exposure for your brand.

3. Flexible event planning

Our expansive grounds offer ample space for planning events, workshops, and team-building activities. Whether you’re looking to host a large-scale conference or an intimate seminar, Dartmoor Zoo can accommodate your needs.

4. Direct support for conservation

By choosing to host your event at Dartmoor Zoo, you’re directly contributing to the welfare of the animals and supporting our conservation efforts. It’s a unique way to give back and make a difference.

5. Improved wellbeing

The natural setting of the zoo, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, promotes better wellbeing among attendees. Fresh air and green spaces have been shown to reduce stress and increase overall happiness, creating a more relaxed environment where networking and idea sharing can better take place.

6. Increased employee engagement

Hosting your conference in such an unconventional and stimulating environment can significantly boost employee engagement. It offers a refreshing change of pace, which can reinvigorate your team’s enthusiasm and commitment, and will especially appeal to the animal lovers amongst your team!

7. Fulfilling CSR responsibilities

Organising your corporate event at Dartmoor Zoo aligns with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives by supporting environmental conservation and education. It’s an effective way to meet your CSR goals while offering a memorable experience.

8. Educational opportunities

Attendees have the chance to learn about wildlife conservation, sustainability, and the environment through the zoo’s educational programs – including our Big Cat talk as part of our Jaguar conference package! It adds an enriching layer to your event, making it not just productive but also informative.

9. Unique networking setting

The zoo’s unique backdrop provides an unconventional and unforgettable networking setting, facilitating more relaxed and genuine connections among participants. The shared experience of exploring the zoo can break down formal barriers and encourage networking.

10. A memorable experience

Lastly, the most significant benefit is the lasting impression your event will leave on attendees. Hosting your conference at Dartmoor Zoo will ensure an experience that is not only successful but truly memorable.

Host your next conference at Dartmoor Zoo

Our events team at Dartmoor Zoo is ready to host your next corporate event and begin planning its success! With our unique venue, dedicated support, and all the benefits outlined above, your conference is set to be a roaring success (pun intended).

Interested in making your next conference unforgettable? Learn more about our conference room hire. We look forward to speaking with you and to begin planning your event! 

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