Cameron Crowe becomes DZS Patron

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February 28, 2021
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Cameron Crowe becomes DZS Patron

Cameron Crowe

Oscar winning Hollywood Director Cameron Crowe announced as first patron of Dartmoor Zoological Society

The Hollywood Director behind blockbuster films We Bought a Zoo, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous, has become the first patron of the Dartmoor Zoological Society charity.

Cameron Crowe, the Director behind We Bought a Zoo which is based on zoo founder Benjamin Mee’s book of the same name, has pledged to support the charity with the use of his name, after taking a key interest in the zoo’s conservation work.

Cameron’s patronage will help the Dartmoor Zoological Society charity continue its vital work. Its mission is to provide a future where no animal species faces extinction, by educating, informing, inspiring and empowering people to be more connected with the natural world and take greater responsibility for their impact.

Born and bred in California, Cameron started his career as a journalist, acting as a Contributing Editor at Rolling Stone magazine before moving into the film industry. His first big hit was Jerry Maguire (1996) starring Tom Cruise which he wrote and directed. This was followed by Almost Famous (2000) which he won an Academy Award for in 2001 for his screenplay.

Cameron Crowe commented: “I’ve always been a fan of the incredible work the team does at Dartmoor Zoo. Since I adapted Benjamin Mee’s book for the screenplay and directed We Bought a Zoo, I’ve kept an eye on what they are doing. I love how, as well as doing conservation work with endangered animals, they also help vulnerable people too. Ground-breaking stuff with war veterans and kids excluded from mainstream education, connecting them with nature, real nature with lions and tigers in it and it seems to work! It really is inspiring and that’s why I’m proud to support the great charity which is Dartmoor Zoological Society.”

After establishing Dartmoor Zoo in 2007, the Mee family donated the zoo to the Dartmoor Zoological Society in 2014. As a registered charity, the Society is now proud to have Cameron Crowe as its first patron, in addition to over 500 members.

Coral Jonas, deputy CEO at Dartmoor Zoo, commented: “We’re delighted to welcome Cameron as a patron of Dartmoor Zoological Society. After taking a keen interest in the work we do here whilst directing We Bought a Zoo back in 2011, Cameron was keen to know how he could continue supporting the zoo. By becoming a patron of the charity, not only will he raise awareness of the vital conservation work we do here in Devon, he will also help to ensure we can continue protecting endangered animal species and raise awareness of how we can all do more to protect the world in which we live.”

As a charity, we’re now facing part of Easter, typically one of our busiest times of year, without any visitors. We’re incredibly thankful to you all, but it is critical that we ask for your help and support to secure our future.

Please consider making a regular monthly or a one-off donation today – http://bit.ly/DZSAppeal

Anyone can become a member of Dartmoor Zoological Society. In addition to showing support for our zoo, members obtain free admission for a year and can benefit from a range of exclusive discounts. For more information, please email zoobase@dartmoorzoo.co.uk.


  1. Mrs Aboellil Hamza says:

    My favourite film is “We bought a Zoo” which I have watched many times . I first saw it in my home in Egypt and when I came back to the UK I bought it from Amazon to add to my other wild life films but this is my favourite film to watch.

    I want to give a donation to the Charity but it is not much use me becoming a member as I live in Yorkshire and am partially disabled as I cant drive log distance these days as I am 87.

    I would prefer to give my donation over the phone as every time I try and use my internet for donations it doesn’t seem to work properly. Perhaps you would be good enough to send me a telephone number for me to use for your donations.

    I already give WWF, RSPB, WWT donations and would like to add you to my list

    • dartmoor zoo says:

      Thank you for contacting us. Our phone number is 01752 837645 and we very much look forward to hearing form you.

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