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Family Animal Adventures in Devon: Unleash Your Wild Side at Dartmoor Zoo

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Are you ready for family activities and animal adventures in Devon? If so, look no further than Dartmoor Zoo, nestled in the heart of Devon. Prepare to be captivated by diverse creatures, from the awe-inspiring African Lion to the playful African Pygmy Goat.

Discover the Wildlife

At Dartmoor Zoo, you’ll encounter an eclectic assortment of animals. The commanding roar of Kimya, our African Lioness, can be heard from miles away. Catch a glimpse of our elusive agouti females—Kinder, Munchie, and Chomp—sharing their enclosure with saki monkeys. Be amazed by the size of our Amur tiger, the largest big cat species. Discover the captivating world of Dragan, our spirited ambassador. Did you know these magnificent creatures are sadly considered endangered, with only 500-600 remaining in the wild?

Engage in Interactive Experiences

Elevate your adventure at Dartmoor Zoo with our array of animal experiences. Get up close and personal with our beloved lion, tiger, meerkats, and otters. You and your family will treasure this unique opportunity for a lifetime.

Contributing to Conservation

Dartmoor Zoo isn’t just about entertainment—it’s a realm of education and conservation. We’re proud custodians of several endangered species, including the rare Scottish wildcat, one of the world’s most vulnerable cat populations. Additionally, the Egyptian tortoise population is dwindling, with fewer than 8000 individuals remaining. By visiting Dartmoor Zoo, you actively participate in our mission to safeguard these exquisite creatures.

A Day Packed with Adventure

From the genial fallow deer, Mr Pickles, cohabiting with diverse species in our Walk Through enclosure, to the mischievous meerkat duo, Twix and Twirl, every moment at Dartmoor Zoo brims with excitement. Let’s not overlook our avian, reptilian, invertebrate, and amphibian residents. With so much to explore, boredom simply isn’t an option!

Plan Your Expedition

Don’t delay—prepare for your visit to Dartmoor Zoo today. This isn’t merely a day’s outing; it’s an adventure, an enlightening experience, and a chance to contribute to the preservation of our planet’s remarkable wildlife.

Remember, each ticket you purchase bolsters our initiatives in animal care, conservation, and education. By purchasing a ticket, you’re not just accessing a memorable day out—you’re playing a pivotal role in making a positive impact. We eagerly anticipate your arrival at Dartmoor Zoo!

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