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Family Days Out in North Devon: Why Dartmoor Zoo Should Be on Your List

Are you looking for family days out in North Devon? Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of North Devon, a haven of natural beauty and family-friendly allure, an array of enriching activities beckons families. From idyllic coastal explorations to captivating attractions, this region has it all. Amidst these splendid offerings, one destination shines with its uniqueness – Dartmoor Zoo.

Dartmoor Zoo: Where Family Adventures Take a Unique Turn

A mere 15 minutes away from Plymouth, Dartmoor Zoo emerges as a must-visit gem in North Devon’s crown. The zoo houses a captivating menagerie boasting an Amur tiger, African lion, wolves, and meerkats. Yet, Dartmoor Zoo’s dedication to conservation and education sets it apart. Engaging educational talks and presentations reveal riveting insights about the animals and their habitats, making learning an adventure.

Seamless Travel Planning

Reaching Dartmoor Zoo from North Devon is a breeze. Whether by car, public transport, or guided tours, your journey is catered to. A mere hour’s drive from North Devon transforms this outing into a convenient day trip that promises exploration and fun.

Creating Wholesome Memories with Combined Attractions

Maximize your family’s North Devon experience by complementing your Dartmoor Zoo visit with other local attractions. North Devon boasts an array of family-centric diversions, including pristine beaches, historic landmarks, and adventure parks.

Crafting Your Ideal Zoo Day

For a memorable Dartmoor Zoo escapade, strategic planning is key. Dive into an array of experiences – animal encounters, keeper talks, and conservation discussions – designed to captivate and educate.

Morning Escapades

Embark on your Dartmoor Zoo adventure by immersing yourself in the must-see exhibits. With doors opening at 10 am, ample time awaits for exploration. Marvel at the tiger, lion, wolf, and meerkat habitats, each offering a unique window into the animal kingdom.

Lunchtime Delights

Lunch at Dartmoor Zoo unfolds a variety of dining options. The Jaguar Restaurant entices with a diverse menu of hot and cold delights, ensuring your energy levels remain high for the day’s adventures.

Afternoon Enlightenment

The afternoon ushers in a wealth of knowledge through the zoo’s informative talks. Gain insights into animal lives and habitats. For a more personal connection, partake in animal encounters, an exclusive chance to engage with the zoo’s vibrant residents up close.

Closing Moments

As the day winds down, the gift shop offers the perfect finale. Carry a piece of Dartmoor Zoo’s magic home with you. While the zoo closes at 4 pm (extended until 5 pm in summer), take your time to savor the experience.

Eternalizing Memories

A visit to Dartmoor Zoo transcends mere leisure; it’s an occasion to etch memories that linger. From awe-inspiring animal encounters to absorbing new knowledge, every moment is a treasure trove.

Charting a Course to Dartmoor Zoo

When planning your family days out in North Devon, include Dartmoor Zoo on your list. With its unique blend of attractions, educational ventures, and unwavering conservation commitment, it’s a destination that resonates with all ages.

Remember, securing your tickets in advance streamlines your experience. Visit the Dartmoor Zoo website to purchase your tickets hassle-free. Revel in your visit!

Stay Informed and Inspired

For comprehensive insights into Dartmoor Zoo and more captivating family activities in Devon, stay tuned to our enriching blog.

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