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Rediscover your love of team building events with unique activities at Dartmoor Zoo

Rediscover your love of team building events with unique activities at Dartmoor Zoo

More than half of us are now working away from a central place of work at least some of the time. As remote work has become more of the norm, businesses are rediscovering the power of bringing teams together in person. Face-to-face interactions are so important for fostering deep connections, enhancing engagement, and honing shared problem-solving skills. And what better way to strengthen these bonds than through innovative team building events?

Why Choose Dartmoor Zoo for Your Next Team Building Adventure?

Dartmoor Zoo presents a unique escape from the typical corporate meeting environment. Spread over 33 acres of stunning parkland and home to an incredible array of wildlife, Dartmoor Zoo offers a unique and refreshing backdrop for corporate events. Forget the dreary conference rooms and PowerPoint presentations; here, your team will engage in exciting activities amidst the beauty of nature and the fascination of wild animals. It’s about stepping outside the office and into a space where creativity and collaboration can truly flourish.

Engaging Activities That Bring Teams Together

Dartmoor Zoo has crafted a series of engaging and thought-provoking activities designed to enhance teamwork and communication while also contributing positively to the zoo and its residents. Here’s what your team can experience:

Getting in Touch with Nature: Dive into a gardening project that’s all about problem-solving and collaboration. Your team will work together to plant and cultivate, learning the importance of planning and teamwork in achieving a common goal.

Let’s Talk Fences: Tackling fence construction or renovation isn’t just about physical activity; it’s a metaphor for breaking down barriers in communication. As your team builds or refurbishes fences, they’ll also rebuild and strengthen their ability to communicate effectively.

Caged In: Join our maintenance team in repairing and renovating animal enclosures. This hands-on activity requires close cooperation and attention to detail, reinforcing the importance of every team member’s contributions.

Team Building with BITE: Engage in more challenging tasks where the stakes are high and the rewards are memorable. These activities are designed to push your team’s limits and encourage them to think creatively.

Animal Enrichment Making: Get creative by constructing items like hammocks for our primates or feeders for birds. This activity not only aids in animal care but also sparks innovation within your team as they work together to create useful, enriching products for our zoo inhabitants.

Meet the Tiger: Imagine the thrill and awe of meeting one of nature’s most majestic creatures up close. Up to ten colleagues can join in this incredible encounter, fostering a shared experience that will be talked about long after you return to the office.

Re-engage and Connect at Dartmoor Zoo

If you’re looking to re-engage your team and forge lasting connections, Dartmoor Zoo is the place to be. Our corporate events team is ready to help you plan an unforgettable experience that your colleagues will cherish. It’s about more than just a day away from the office; it’s about creating memories that build a stronger, more cohesive team. Get in touch with us today and see how your team can grow, connect, and thrive in the wild setting of Dartmoor Zoo.

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