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Try something new and engage your team with activities at Dartmoor Zoo

Try something new and engage your team with activities at Dartmoor Zoo

Organisations are constantly seeking innovative ways to boost employee engagement and strengthen team cohesion. Traditional team-building exercises often fall short of leaving a lasting impression, people leaders are searching for experiences that are beneficial, memorable, and exciting. Dartmoor Zoo offers just that—a unique opportunity to combine team building with an unforgettable adventure amidst nature and wildlife.

Why Choose Dartmoor Zoo for Your Next Team Building Event?

Nestled in the beautiful Dartmoor National Park, Dartmoor Zoo presents an extraordinary venue unlike any other for your team building event. Far from the usual conference room and related activities, Dartmoor Zoo provides a vibrant backdrop that encourages creativity, communication, and collaboration among team members. The chance to interact with nature and wildlife adds a refreshing twist that can rejuvenate and inspire any team, making every moment spent here truly special.

Dartmoor Zoo is a place of natural beauty and we are committed to conservation and education, offering a meaningful dimension to your team building experience. Participating in activities here means you are directly contributing to the welfare of the animals and the conservation efforts of the zoo.

Engaging Activities for Every Team

Dartmoor Zoo offers a range of hands-on activities designed to challenge and engage teams in a fun and interactive way. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

Getting in Touch with Nature: Dive into a gardening project that combines problem-solving with planting. This activity encourages teams to plan, collaborate, and execute tasks together, fostering a sense of accomplishment and teamwork.

Let’s Talk Fences: Communication is key, and what better way to break down barriers than by building and renovating fences together? This task requires teams to discuss, strategise, and work physically alongside each other, enhancing interpersonal relations.

Caged In: Join our maintenance team in repairing and renovating animal enclosures. This hands-on activity not only demands teamwork but also offers a close-up experience of the zoo’s operations, creating a memorable learning experience.

Team Building with BITE: Engage in exciting and slightly daring activities that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Perfect for teams looking to add a thrill to their bonding experience.

Animal Enrichment Making: Get creative by constructing hammocks and feeders for our animals. This activity promotes creativity and provides a direct impact on the zoo’s residents, making it a rewarding experience for all participants.

Meet the Tiger: Imagine discussing teamwork and strategy just a few feet away from a tiger! Bring up to 10 colleagues for a thrilling meet-and-greet with one of our majestic tigers, an experience bound to boost morale and create stories for the office.

Connect and Re-Engage at Dartmoor Zoo

If you’re looking to re-engage your team and build genuine connections in an extraordinary setting, Dartmoor Zoo is ready to welcome you. The unique blend of natural beauty, engaging activities, and thrilling proximity to wildlife serve as the perfect catalyst for building stronger, more cohesive teams. 

To find out more about the team building opportunities available and to book your next event, please visit our team building page and get in touch with our corporate events team. Rediscover the joy of working together and create memories that will energise your team for years to come!

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